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Lenten Worship 

    Midweek Lenten services continue.  The theme this year will be: “Jesus Is Our Great High Priest.”   Be sure to set this time aside.

Mar 7:  Jesus Is Our Self-Sacrificing High Priest         — Pastor Rosenbaum

Mar 14 Jesus Is Our Compassionate High Priest          — Pastor Mischke

Mar 21 Jesus Our Great High Priest Makes Us  Priests — Pastor Weber

Mar 29: Jesus Our Great High Priest Is Mediator of the New Covenant 

Mar 30: Jesus Our Great High Priest Is Better Than Any Other High Priest  

Apr 1: Jesus Is Our Eternal High Priest

    Lenten cards and boxes are available to make a special offering during this season of the year.  They have been designated for WELS Aid & Relief for Puerto Rico..


 Council Notes 

    The trustees reported that the annual boiler inspection at school was done.  The evergreen tree in front of the parsonage is no longer green and should probably be removed.

    A Festival of Friendship will be held on Sunday, March 11, with a coffee hour to follow.  Members have moved, and we do not have their new addresses.  Your help is needed to get the addresses. (The list is included later in newsletter.)

    Penny Carnival was held.  While the turnout was smaller this year, everyone had a good time and about $180 was raised.  Lead Teacher positions are being changed again at the request of the teachers.

    Lenten cards/boxes have been designated for Christian Aid & Relief in Puerto Rico.

    Possible dates for a pre-Call meeting were discussed.  We will ask Pres. Seifert which one works in his schedule.

    A volunteer to prepare the disks for organ music each week will be needed.  Karen will train on the process.


Women’s Guild

    Easter Breakfast will again be a Pot-luck this year. A menu will be posted for you to sign up for what you could bring for this. We had a wonderful variety last year and hope for the same this year.

    We will be hosting the LWMS Spring Rally on Saturday, April 28.  Help is needed for registration, as well as serving lunch at noon.

    As usual, we are still seeking volunteers to help with taking care of the altar on a weekly or monthly basis. If you are interested in helping but don’t know what is involved, please talk to Linda Wanberg.


 Church Cleaning

    On Saturday, March 24, we will gather to clean the church.  All of the wood surfaces need to be washed and cleaned.  Things need to be straightened up and put away.  Also, work can be done outside to make our property neat and clean.  Since this belongs to all of the members, we look forward to everyone coming to help keep our property in good order as a way in which we honor our Lord and Savior.


 Easter Invitations   

    Invitations for our Easter worship services will be available on the table in the entry of the church.  Please pick up as many as you can use, and give them to those who do not have a church home to celebrate the resurrection of the Savior of the world. Many people want to worship on Easter, and they will join us if we will take the time to invite them.


Festival of Friendship

    On March 11, 2018, we will have our Festival of Friendship Sunday.  One of the purposes of Friendship Sunday is to remind us all how important it is that each of us does the work of an evangelist.  Studies have shown that the greatest percent of people joining a church do so as a result of a friend’s invitation. Therefore, I am asking you to plan to invite someone to our Festival of Friendship. 

I encourage all of us to: 

1)    Pray regularly and faithfully for Friendship Sunday, for the committee’s work, for God’s direction and guidance as you plan to invite a friend to this service.

2)    Identify someone you know who is presently without a church home, who is searching for a church home, or who might not even have faith in Christ.  This won’t always be an easy thing to do.  It will take time and thought.  Please stay with it and work at it.

3)    Invite that person to come with you to our Festival of Friendship.  Before you make your invitation, study John 1:35-51; John 17:20-26; and Matthew 28:18-20 for motivation and direction.  Please try to make your initiation in advance, during the next few weeks.

4)    Spend time with your invited friend during the weeks ahead.  Get to know your friend better, especially in terms of his/her spiritual needs, hopes and fears.  Remember…in order to have a friend, YOU have to be a friend. 

March 11 isn’t that far away.  We have friends, neighbors, relatives, schoolmates, fellow workers, and other associates, many of whom need to know Jesus as their BEST Friend.  Please participate in this Festival of Friendship.  It’s a wonderful opportunity that we can work together to share our faith in Christ with our friends.

May God guide and bless all our efforts to this glory.


Addresses Needed

    We no longer have the correct addresses for the following members.  Please provide us with any of these addresses.  If we are not able to find their addresses, we may need to delete them from our membership roll.  Lisa Arndt, Sabrina Chapman (Demi), Vicki Dayhuff, Jennifer Kaminski (Ashtin, Brittny), William LaPort, William Sheffield (Luke, Taylor)


Pre-Call Meeting  

    On Thursday, March 8, at 6 PM, the congregation will gather for a pre-Call meeting with Pres. Seifert.  He will come to gather information about what you consider your strengths, as well as what you need to do better.  He will also ask what special gifts you would seek in your new pastor.  This is an important meeting for everyone to attend.


Endowment Fund   

    This is a reminder that our congregation has an endowment fund that can receive gifts that will continue to benefit St. John’s through the years.  Only the proceeds (not the principal) from the money designated for this fund can be used for its specified purposes.  The fund has four areas: Church (capital) improvements, Missions, Christian Education (Tuition Assistance), and General Operating.  You might even consider designating a gift for this in your will.

Women’s Retreat

    The 24th Annual Today's Christian Women's Retreat will be held on April 13 - 15, 2018 at the Auburn Hills Marriott Campus at Pontiac.  

    This year, the theme of our retreat is from John 16:33 “But take heart! I have overcome the world!” With each passing year, Christians of all ages continue to take comfort from Jesus’ promise that he has overcome the world. Jesus’ words right before our theme state it so clearly, “In this world you will have trouble.” Trouble is a result of sin and takes so many forms in our lives. Trouble raises its ugly head in personal relationships; economic hardships; physical challenges; raising Christian children; defending our faith in public, academic and professional settings. The list goes on and on. Yes, we are surrounded by trouble on every turn, but there’s reason to rejoice: Jesus has overcome the world. No other solution is necessary, Jesus has done it all – for us! What a powerful message we’ll be sharing throughout this special time together!

    You can get registration forms at the church, or register online at www.tcwr.org


 Day Care

    Penny Carnival The Penny Carnival and Book Fair was a big success.  Everyone in attendance enjoyed themselves and had a lot of fun.  We want to thank everyone, who donated anything to help us put on the Penny Carnival or helped in any way.  We are looking forward to next year already!

    Friendship Sunday The children are looking forward to singing during the worship service on Sunday, March 11, 2018 for Friendship Sunday.

     Meet the Staff  Carole Hatter has worked at the Learning Center for many years.  She is an Infant/Toddler Room Caregiver.  Miss Carole loves her little ones and her little ones love her.  She is our grandma at the Learning Center.  In her spare time, Carole reads and does some sewing.  Carole and her husband, George are members at Grace Eau Claire.



    The next paper drive is scheduled for Saturday, March 3, from 8:00 AM to noon.  

    Mrs. Elder has been holding a call to serve at Luther High in Onalaska, WI.  She declined the call and will be continuing at Michigan Lutheran.  Mrs. Elder will return from her maternity leave on Monday, March 5th.

    ML Art students are excited to be able to participate in St. Joseph's Public Art display this year.  The students created designs in December to fit with the theme "The Magical Kingdom of St. Joseph", which will include figures of knights and dragons.  Congratulations to student Melanie Rock who created the design "Sir Fer", a knight who likes to surf.  We will receive the 5 foot tall fiberglass statue in February and will have it painted by April.  It will be on display on the sidewalks of downtown Saint Joseph for the summer.