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Annual Meeting 

    The annual congregational voters’ meeting will be held on Sunday, January 28, beginning at 10:15 AM.  All voters are encouraged to set aside this time as something special to carry out the work of the Lord here in Dowagiac and the surrounding area.  Reports will be given about each area of work which we are engaged in as a congregation. 

    If you have not yet become a voting member of St. John’s, come and make that request.  All men, 18 years and older are eligible to be voters.

    Anyone with a report to be included in the annual report is asked to get it to Pastor Weber as soon as possible so that the report can be assembled.


Voters’ Meeting Notes   

    At the annual election/budget meeting held on December 3, the following were elected: Vern Froehlich as President; Jim Dohm as Secretary; Ted Hartman as treasurer; Craig Fester as Financial Secretary; Tim Richter as Trustee; Kevin Munson, Dennis Dodd, and Don Hanson as Board of Education; Ted Hartman as MLHS delegate; Chuck Burling & Dennis Dodd as Delegate.  Installation of officers will be during the worship service on Sunday, January 7. 

    The budget for next year was presented, with no increase in our Mission and MLHS commitments, and a pay raise.  With these changes, the new budget is a little higher than last year’s budget.


Flower Chart   

    The yearly flower chart and altar sign-up sheet is available for you sign up.  The flower chart is for providing flowers for the altar for a specific Sunday.  The designation for these flowers will be placed in the Sunday service folder.  The altar sign-up is to prepare the altar for each of our worship services during that month: filling the candles, setting up communion, and changing the altar cloths.  Both of these activities benefit the entire congregation, and are greatly appreciated by everyone, even if those expressions of thanks are not always spoken.


   Bible Study

    Martin Luther sparked the Reformation when he nailed his protest to the door of the Castle Church in 1517. That protest had the one goal: bring the church back to the foundation of the Bible. To be a Lutheran Christian means to base our teaching and practice on the Bible alone. Our Sunday Bible study presents biblical principles that are still important to us and all Bible-believing Christians today. Join us as we explore these enduring truths.


   Women’s Guild

    The regular monthly meetings of the Women’s Guild will resume.  However, the January meeting will take place following the Sunday fellowship hour.  So the next meeting will be held on January 21, beginning at 10:45 AM.  The February meeting will be held following the fellowship hour on Sunday, February 18.

    All of the ladies of the congregation are encouraged to be a part of this important organization.  There are many activities which they are able to do for the congregation, and for their own personal benefit.  Come and find out what this group is all about.


Men’s Rally   

Men Alive! is a group of WELS Christian men who encourage one another to live their lives in service to our Savior and his people.  Men Alive! sponsors an annual rally for men that is a gathering not intended to dwell on problems, but to find renewed strength and joy.

The 2018 rally is based on Ephesians 2:10 with the theme: We Are God’s Workmanship. The keynote Bible study will focus on the scriptural basis of our rally theme.

The breakout groups will cover these topics:

    Our Bodies Are God’s Workmanship 

    Our Vocations Are God’s Workmanship         
    Our Opportunities Are God’s Workmanship

    Young Man—You Are God’s Workmanship

The Rally is being held on Saturday, February 17, 2018, at the DoubleTree Hotel in Bay City, MI.

The registration fee is $65 and only $40 for young men ages 14-22. The registration fee includes breakfast and lunch.

The deadline to register is January 31, 2018.

The hotel requires a firm count for food by this time.

For more information, go to wvvw.menalivebalm.org or email revrdstarr@yahoo.com.


   Thank You

    Many hours of effort went into preparing for our Christmas activities.  Volunteers helped to put up the tree and decorations, straighten up the church, provide the gift bags for the children, going caroling, and so on. Parents and children spent time learning their parts for the children’s worship service.  For all of your gifts of time and love for your Savior, the entire congregation is truly thankful and prays that the Lord will bless you from His bountiful store of treasures.

    Pastor and Karen Weber also want to thank everyone for their generous gifts again this year.  May the Lord bless you in all of the ways which only He can.


  Day Care

    A Great Time! We had 23 children come to celebrate the birthday of Jesus on Saturday, December 16, 2017.  The children enjoyed hearing the Christmas Story, making crafts, playing games, singing songs and decorating Christmas Cookies at a Birthday Party for Jesus.

Meet the Staff  Sarah St. Cin started working here at St. John’s Learning Center in September of 2016.  Sarah, her son, Aaron, and their dog, Beethoven, live in Dowagiac.  She has a very large extended family.  Miss Sarah serves as the teacher’s aide in the Noah’s Ark Preschool Program on Monday and Wednesday mornings.  She also serves daily as the lead caregiver in the Latchkey Program.  Sarah is very flexible and is willing to and has worked as an assistant caregiver whenever needed in all of our daycare rooms.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with animals, gardening and camping.  She loves art, music, cooking and yoga.  Sarah is very creative.

Happy New Year! The Learning Center Staff and I want to wish each and every one of you a very Blessed New Year!




The MLHS Alumni Association is now accepting donations for the 2018 Silent Auction scheduled for February 16th & 17th, during the Winterfest Festivities. Through your generous donations at our 2017 Silent Auction, we were able to meet our $10,000 goal raised for the Tuition Assistance program.

Each year our goal is to meet or exceed the prior year's donation total for the Tuition Assistance program, but this can only happen through your generous support once again. Please consider contributing an item for our silent auction. We ask that all items donated are new. If you have any questions on an item that you want to donate, please contact any of our alumni officers or committee members. Some items that have sold well in past auctions are gift baskets, furniture, appliances, gift certificates/cards, sporting events tickets, sporting goods, food items, electronic equipment, etc. Monetary donations are also accepted.

Please contact the MLHS office for alumni contacts. Looking forward to seeing you at the 2018 Silent Auction and Winterfest Festivities!

    The faculty and staff of Michigan Lutheran wants to thank you for the love and support you have given again this year, and for the gifts that you have offered. What a blessing it is to join together everyday in this school, with our tremendous student body, to hear the praiseworthy deeds of our Lord! 

The good news of great joy that was shared with those shepherds outside of Bethlehem on that first Christmas, is our joy that we have the opportunity to share day in and day out in the classrooms and throughout all aspects of this exciting ministry. 

    The next paper drive will be held on Saturday, March 3.